Be a responsible visitor. Here are some things you can do to help save the planet and most importantly, have a great time while you are here because we’d like you to come back!

Conserve Energy

Reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if heating is on.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We encourage you to reduce waste and consider reuse of plastic bags, water bottles and try to avoid purchasing overly packaged goods. We provide on-site recycling bins with direction on items to recycle with us.

Be Water Wise

Please use water wisely. We suggest that you turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and adhere to our reuse towel and linen policy.

Respect Nature

Help us to look after our beautiful landscape and wildlife by not littering, guarding against fire and using footpaths and cycle-ways responsibly.

Give Wildlife Space

When siting wild animals; do not approach, feed or disturb with noise unless for your safety.

Leave no trace

Remember to pack out whatever you pack in whenever visiting nature. Ask us to provide you with containment options for cigarette butts rather than leaving them in nature.

Give the car a rest

BC is Idle free. Please shut off your engine if possible or idle for the minimum amount of time necessary. Consider other modes of transit, if only for a day. Walk, cycle or use our public transport or shuttle options.

Shop Local

Use local products, they give you a flavor of the area and help support our local community. We are fortunate to have some fantastic producers of food, drink, art and crafts in our region. Ask about local markets or local and regional organic produce.

Support Green Tourism Businesses

There are hundreds of businesses trying to reduce their environmental impacts through the Green Tourism Canada. Businesses are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold for their efforts to be more sustainable.