“Leave No Trace” is a concept based around avoiding creating impacts in our natural environment, especially in very sensitive areas such as mountain tops, pristine areas, and national parks. 

This applies to all staff and visitors.

Waste Disposal

Pack It In/Pack It Out - what you take with you into nature, you must carry back out with you. This includes all packaging and cigarettes butts. Garbage and Recycling Bins are available at many locations on site and we can provide you with refuse collection bags prior to your adventure. Toileting in nature – whenever possible, go at least 70 metres away from water ways and trails.


Stay on trails as much as possible and leave what you find -- examine but don’t touch plants, rocks etc. Avoid introducing and transporting non-native species into the environment.

Animal Safety

Please respect wildlife. Keep your food and trash stored securely, and control your pets at all times. Be aware of sensitive times for wildlife like mating, nesting, raising young or winter conditions. When siting wild animals, do not follow, approach or feed. To avoid contact with dangerous animals, hike in bunched groups no smaller than 4 adults with children hiking in the middle of the group. The human voice is an excellent deterrent, so talk regularly and periodically yell to alert animals to your presence. Remember to look over your shoulder often. When approaching noisy water ways or abundant berry areas, remember to again yell your presence.

Trip Safety

Plan ahead – know about your environment before visiting. Be prepared for extreme weather, hazards and possible emergencies. Use a map + compass or GPS instead of marking your route with rock cairns, flagging or marking paint. Keep equipment well maintained and in good running order, and do a safety inspection especially before heading out to remote locations. Let someone know where you are going, your intended route and an approximate return time.



Do not leave cigarette butts or matches in nature. Make sure they are cooled completely before storing them to carry out. Report wildfires by 1-800-663-5555 or call *5555 toll free on most cellular networks. You will be asked: a) your phone number, b) the location of the fire, c) what the fire is burning (trees? What species?), d) the size of the fire, e) how quickly the fire is spreading, f) the colour of the smoke, g) whether there are valuables or lives at risk.