Our Green Transparency document shares a complete list of changes we have made to a more sustainable business. Below you will find what we have improved and what we hope to improve, as well as what did not work for us and why. All our changes are guided by Green Tourism Canada as we work toward GTC certified accommodation and recreation.

What we were already doing -


Our housekeeping staff routinely reset thermostats and cooling systems to neutral temperatures when cleaning rooms.

We prevent light pollution by top capping all our outdoor lighting.

We install energy efficient lighting as the old ones need replacement.

We donate surplus blankets to our local Search & Rescue.

We ensure green laundry practices both in-house and with our vendor.

We have timers on all our external lighting.

The water flow of our showers and taps are within the best range for low consumption.

Guest Participation

Our water comes from our private aquifer offering clean – no chlorine, no fluoride, just delicious glacier-fed -- drinking water.

We promote and offer artwork for sale from local artists on our walls, while charging no commission or fees.

We offer our guests bicycle rental and safe storage for their own bicycles.

We offer a public service vehicle for guests as well as rent a shuttle for events.


Several of our suppliers provide locally acquired and produced food products.

We use cleaning products with no chlorine, phosphates or other harmful chemicals.

Most of our toiletry paper products are made from sugar cane stalk (which would otherwise become waste).

We offer coffee products which are ethical sourced through companies with sustainable policies and Canadian origins.

We purchase in bulk and concentrates as much as possible to reduce our shipping and packaging carbon footprint.

We purchase our linens from an ethical and sustainable source.

Sustainable Practices

We grow an herb garden in the summer to provide fresh organic herbs on our summer menu.

We routinely practice building product reuse and parts harvesting throughout our facility.

We harvest from our own forest area for replanting and landscaping our grounds.

We appointed a Sustainability Coordinator to work with Green Tourism Canada to further our process of going green.


We shop local whenever possible and are involved in many local organizations and charities, including hosting charitable functions and involvement in community and international social responsibilities projects.

We hire local whenever possible.


We adhere to all legislative environmental and occupational health and safety regulations; and present no pollution risk with proper containment and disposal of hazardous goods and waste disposal.

We re-use partially consumed batteries (from safety beacons) in our TV remote controls.

What we have improved -


We offer a linen and towel reuse policy in all rooms to reduce water consumption from unnecessary washings.

We connected with a user of bio-diesel to recycle our kitchen oil. Guest Participation

We have improved and implemented a Responsible Visitors’ Charter and Leave No Trace Policy to inform our guests of ways they can join us in sustainable practices and to promote responsible wildlife watching while they stay with us and travel in our area.

We posted “BC IS IDLE FREE” signage to encourage guests to turn off their engines when not in use.

We distributed a survey to former guests for feedback on their experience with us and interest in our new sustainability practices. This survey will continue to be sent to our guests on a regular basis and is available on our website.

We created a Nature Diary, available in the reception area, where guests and staff can log wildlife sightings and read those of others.


We changed our purchasing policies to include recycled paper for all our printing internally and externally.

We now use only biodegradable garbage bags.

We purchased a majority of laptops vs. desktop computers to save on energy usage during our recent computer upgrade.

We sent a questionnaire for all our suppliers, associations and service people to learn of their sustainable practices and policies.

We added 100% recycled paper towels to our toiletry line to offer completely sustainable products in our washrooms.

We switched to an eco-friendly window cleaner.


We have adopted an Environmental Policy and share our commitment with all staff and visitors.

We are banking local.

We changed our employee payroll to paperless with direct deposit and e-mail cheque stubs.

We now have a paper use reduction policy and adjusted our internal printing practices.

Sustainable Practices

We now have a green e-mail address for information and contact. green@glacierhouse.com

We had an Eco-Advisor do an energy assessment.

We had Green Tourism Canada assessment and were awarded a Bronze Rating.

We are experimenting with eco-friendly, natural mixtures for ant, wasp, and weed management.


We established a Green Team of staff members who regularly meet exchanging ideas and initiating changes.

We gratefully acknowledge all our staff for their involvement in these changes through awareness, training, input and implementation of all our new policies and procedures for green practices.

We set up internal information folders on shared computer drives for all staff to have access to green information, polices, and practices, as well as any other relevant business-wide information.

We have hired a person with disabilities to help us with our recycle sorting and grounds keeping through the Revelstoke Community Connections placement program.

Tracking and Transparency

We are commitment to ongoing tracking and improvement of our sustainability practices and have a solid action plan.

We initiated an internal Green Newsletter to advise our staff of our progress and invite feedback and participation. This was done paperless through e-mail and our shared computer drives.

Waste Reduction

We implemented a recycling program for use by staff and clients to include paper, glass, metal, plastic and household hazardous waste. We have recycle bins for all rooms, are researching bin bags that are washable, and ordered bear safe disposal and recycle stations for our grounds – all to be implemented this year.

We recycle printer cartridges locally. What didn’t work and why.......

Low Flush Toilets – we tried to reduce our water use in washrooms by placing a bottle in the cistern, but it reduced our water pressure too much and ended up needed a double flush.

Change of Menu in the Winter – it was suggested that we introduce more vegetarian and smaller portion options on our winter menu, but we had to consider that our regular clients at that time of year would not order these. We will consider again in the further, but we have redone our summer menu for a more likely strong reception.

Tassimo recycling – we tried to sign up for the Tassimo recycling program, but there was a limited number of spaces available at this point. We are on a waiting list.

What we are working on right now -


We were just assessed for a change of lighting to CFL and LED lighting throughout the resort. We are waiting for a quote to review on for upgrading further.

We are considering which items would make a good donation to the local women’s shelter.

Guest Participation

We continue to send out guest feedback surveys and we review and implement into policy those that have the best suggestions and concerns.

We are creating an online blog called a Nature Diary, where guests and staff can log information wildlife sightings.

We are changing our summer menu to include smaller portions and vegetarian options.

We are updating a comprehensive information binder in our lobby providing information on local cultural heritage attractions, nature attractions, both on-site and in the surrounding area.

We will be launching a $10 coupon for guests to use in our bar or dining room for each night guests do not use maid service.


We are reviewing our packaged lunches for tour participants and guests to be offered in a reusable take-home lunch bags, reusable containers, and less packaging in the contents.

We will be replacing our in-room amenities with bio-degradable, natural products with recyclable packaging this year.


We are adopting marketing practices by utilizing e-mailing and on-line resources to reduce paper usage and waste.

As we survey our suppliers, we are offering them the option of online transfer payments rather than printed cheques. Many have signed up.

We are reviewing our new hire orientations to ensure all staff are informed of our policies and procedures relating to sustainability.

Sustainable Practices

We are connecting with a local artist to create recycle bin bags that are reusable and washable (themselves made out of recycled airbags). Hopefully to be implemented by fall.


We regularly ask our staff to make suggestions for new ways to become more sustainable focusing on a zero impact ideal.

We are preparing for more staff training on sustainability – beginning with Bear Aware that we can pass on to our guests.

Tracking and Transparency

We are preparing our transparency documents to be available on our website and in-house for all to review and give feedback.

We are preparing to launch our Green Tourism Canada internal and external awareness campaign.

Waste Reduction

We continue to implement a comprehensive recycling program for use by staff and clients to include paper, glass, metal, plastic and household hazardous waste.

We encourage guests that smoke to use our ash cans and offer containment options for those on the go in nature.

What we have set as our future goals -


We would like to review our staff transport issues and see if we can create alternatives.

We would like to become more self-sustaining with ideas to recapture heat and/or use outside air to provide heating and cooling.

We would like to convert company vehicles to bio-diesel.

Guest Participation

We are reviewing sample travel and transport surveys to measure our guest carbon footprint and offer more group incentives and group transport options.

We are interested in being able to providing clients with on-site bottled water.


We have plans to provide more locally grown, in season, vegetarian and portion options in our dining room.

We would like to review pest control measure for more eco-friendly alternatives.


We plan to regularly review and upgrade our policies to improve our sustainable practices.

Sustainable Practices

We plan to further our goals to reduce, reuse and recycle, by continuing our Green Team Meeting with staff to creatively brainstorm.

We will be connecting with other Green Tourism Business to harvest new ideas and solutions for sustainability.


We aspire to create a ripple effect of awareness in our community by offering information session to share our experience of the transition to greener practices.

We hope to encourage to other businesses in our community to consider their sustainability practices and become a resource of information for them.

Tracking and Transparency

We continue to track our carbon footprint, so that we will be able to provide tangible figures in the next year of our progress and continue to do so annually.


We plan to work with our supplies to reduce waste in shipping packaging.

We would like to reduce food waste through compost donation or support of local food banks or shelters.