We are now ready for the summer season, aiming at becoming an example at managing our reopening.

At Glacier House Resort, we have started by limiting the availabilities within our premises, to make your stay comfortable and safe. Once onsite, you will notice that only half of our rooms will be occupied, in order to ensure that all our guests will be able to practice social distancing.


If you plan to stay longer, we encourage you to choose one of our fully equipped and traditional log cabins, where you will slightly be more isolated and independent.


Not only you will find a place with limited access to travelers, but you will also enjoy more flexibility. In case you won't feel comfortable with traveling, you will be given the chance to postpone according to your schedule, or to cancel thanks to a 48-hour cancellation policy.


This summer season, you will be welcomed according to the new standards of the “post-outbreak”. The new procedures will allow us to offer a safe place to work for our staff, and a safe place to stay for our visitors.


Planning on welcoming guests during those uncertain times, we decided to strictly follow the requirements and guidelines listed in the World Health Organisation and Work Safe BC.


We have reviewed our general standard procedures at all levels (office, front desk, food services and maintenance) in order to meet your high expectation for hygiene, cleanliness, and safety

To be able to manage your requests, and to react properly to any situation, our staff will receive training and will be frequently updated on the ongoing situation.


You will find hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and exit doors of our lobby. To ensure our lodge will maintain its safety level, we will be asking you, our staff, and our suppliers to use them. The stations are mandatory for all and have to be used in order to enter our premises.


Social distances will be a very important measure at Glacier House Resort,  you will find friendly reminders about respecting the 2m-distance in all the shared areas, and strategic points, as the Front Desk counter.


You will notice some changes in the way we will be communicating and dealing with your bookings and requests, as we are rethinking all the strategic contact and touch-points in our premises :

  • the front desk area will display a transparent physical barrier, to keep you and our staff from getting too close, and you will find floor reference markers to set out the 2m-distance between each visitor in the lobby.

  • our registration procedures will allow self check-ins.

  • our lodge rooms and cabins will have upgraded accesses (we are studying the Smartphone Key Access option).

  • our room amenities will be limited to the strict minimum. Beauty products and coffee station refills will remain available but on-demand only.

  • our communication system will also be limited to the strict minimum. Magazines, in-room guest directories and promotion won’t be available in your rooms, but our staff will answer any request and questions.

  • our method of payment will rely on debit and credit cards only, cash can be handled by following specific protocols and on request.

  • our dining and breakfast services will be provided. You will have several options, you can enjoy our summer patio with distant tables, decide for room service, or take away options.


In order to participate in the effort, and to protect our employees, you will be kindly asked to dispose of your own garbage, by closing the bags and by leaving the bags in the indicated area.

Where we cannot find satisfying alternatives, we are adding disinfection procedures to our housekeeping processes (disinfection shifts in the common areas will occur several times a day):

  • Lobby, door handles, elevator buttons, common restrooms, common and in-room surfaces, bathrooms, remote controls, A/C controls, light switches, coffee stations, cabins kitchens etc.


At Glacier House Resort we will be also following these new rules:

  • No stay service: our housekeepers will not be allowed to enter your room or cabin during your stay, they will only proceed to check-ins and check-outs.

  • Our team will be wearing disposable gloves and masks when necessary.

At the time of creating this page, we are not planning in opening our Wellness & Fitness areas. The swimming pool, the sauna, the gym will remain closed.

** Due to the evolving situation, updates on this page will be done on a regular basis **

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